Our pay plan pays the highest net commissions and is the most exciting in all of network marketing. Whether you want to sell Society memberships, or build a sales team of Membership Consultants (MC), or both, our pay plan has more realistic ways to earn a six-figure income than any other pay plan.

Financial Freedom Society Products
Pricing and Commissionable Volume (CV)

   How To Achieve Financial Freedom eCourse:
      $59.95 one-time price.....$45.00 CV
   Society Membership:
      $29.95 monthly dues.....$23.00 CV
      $24.95 monthly dues.....$16.00 CV (Profit Benefit Program - 5 or more employees)
   Consultant Center:
      $20.00 monthly fee.....$7.00 CV

Five Types of Commissions
   Sales Bonus Pool
   Service Bonus
   New Car Bonus
QuickPay - 90%
   • A one-time commission is paid on every sale of "The Art of Achieving
    Financial Freedom" eCourse.
   • 100% of the commission goes to the seller.
   • Two ways to sell the eCourse:
       1. Sell the eCourse by itself
       2. Sell a Financial Freedom Society membership (eCourse is included)
Special Note: We do NOT charge for the eCourse with the Profit Benefit Program. Consequently there are no One-time eCourse commissions.
eCourse Price:
One-time commission:
    ($45 CV x 90% = $40.50)
MaxPay - 82%
   • Recurring Monthly commissions paid on Society membership dues and on Consultant
    Center Fees.
   • Qualification requires only $30.00 of personally generated commissionable volume.
   • Two ways to qualify:
       1. Either be a Financial Freedom Society member yourself
       2. Or sell at least 2 Financial Freedom Society memberships to a new customer or enroll 1
       2. new Membership Consultant/Society member each month.
   • The qualifying period is from the 21st of one month through the 20th of the following
   • MaxPay is paid out among 4 levels.
Note: Your new Membership Consultants(MC) are on your 1st level, but you can move them to a deeper level within 10 days to maximize commissions and to help your downline.
Paid on Customer monthly
Society Dues

Paid on MC monthly
Society Dues and
Consultant Center Fees

Your customers           - 58% of CV
Level 1 MC's customer - 18% of CV
Level 2 MC's customer - 4% of CV
Level 3 MC's customer - 2% of CV
Level 1 dues & fees - 4% of CV
Level 2 dues & fees - 8% of CV
Level 3 dues & fees - 24% of CV
Level 4 dues & fees - 46% of CV
Sales Bonus Pool - 3%
   • The Sales Bonus Pool is to reward you for bringing in new Society members. (New
    customers and new Membership Consultants who also join the Society)
   • You begin every commission period with a "fresh start" toward qualifying for this bonus.
   • The Sales Bonus Pool is 3% of the company's entire adjusted CV for the month.
    (excluding eCourse CV) The bonus pool is divided among the qualifiers each month,
    based on their number of shares in the pool.
   • Two-part qualification:
       Part 1: You qualify for MaxPay commissions
       Part 2: During the qualifying period (21st through the 20th), you personally produce a
       minimum of $150 of new CV (excluding eCourse CV) in membership sales to either
       customers and/or Membership Consultants. The following qualify:
           • Five Society memberships/Membership Consultants, or
           • Seven Society memberships, or
           • Ten new employees (Profit Benefit Program), or
           • Any combination of the above that produces $150 of CV.
   • Earning shares in the Sales Bonus Pool:
       - $150 of new CV (excluding eCourse CV) earns 5 shares.
       - For each additional $30 of new CV, you earn 1 additional share. There are no limits on shares.
Service Bonus - 5%

   • The Service Bonus is to reward you for keeping your customers and Membership
   • The bonus is based on the CV for Society Memberships and Consultant Centers
   • The 5% bonus is paid down every leg of your organization until you reach an MC who is
    also qualified for the Service Bonus.
   • Two-part qualification:
       Part 1: You qualify for MaxPay commissions
       Part 2: During the qualifying period (21st through the 20th), you must maintain $700
       of personally enrolled CV (excluding eCourse CV).
New Car Bonus - $400

   • The New Car Bonus is to reward you for excellence.
   • The $400 monthly bonus can be earned every month and is based on your total
      commissions for the month from the other four types of commissions.
   • Qualification: Have actual paid total commissions for the month equal to or
     exceeding $4,000.
   • Note: The bonus does NOT have to be used for a new car.
Five $100,000 Income Examples
Your Sales Team's own Society memberships and Consultant Centers
    Example 1: You recruit 5 Membership Consultants who only recruit 5 Membership
    Consultants and so on for two more levels. This results in a total sales team of 780
    Consultants with Society memberships, which produces over $115,000 in recurring
    annual income for YOU.
Your Sales Team's Customers
    Example 2: Your frontline Membership Consultants sell a total of 2013 Society
    memberships to customers. This also produces over $100,000 in recurring annual
    income for YOU.
    Example 3: Your frontline Membership Consultants sell our Profit Benefit Program to
    enough businesses to result in 2894 employees with Society memberships. This also
    produces over $100,000 in recurring annual income for YOU.
Your Customers
    Example 4: You sell Society memberships to 576 customers. This also produces over
    $100,000 in recurring annual income for YOU.
    Example 5: You sell our Profit Benefit Program to enough businesses to result in 827
    employees with Society memberships. This would also produce over $100,000 in
    recurring annual income for YOU.
None of the examples include any QuickPay, or commissions from customer sales made by your level two and three MC's, or Sales Bonus Pool commissions. And, only Examples 4 and 5 included the 5% Service Bonus, which you would have qualified for.

Whether your personal income goals are large or modest, FFSI provides you with more practical ways to reach your goals.
This handy calculator only shows income from different size sales organizations. It doesn't include QuickPay, any bonuses or customer sales.

Our pay plan is easy to understand and is the most powerful in the industry.
No other pay plan comes close to paying as much income,for so few people,
spending so little money on products.
  1. Start today
  2. Use your Society membership and your Consultant Center for 10 days
  3. If you aren't even more excited, we'll refund 100% of your money

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